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Idea-Organ – an ideation session for your team

Idea-Organ is a two days company specific ideation session, by which the key team can ensure achieving their selected goal. Idea-Organ combines in a new way the systematic and goal oriented ideation steered by the computer to the mental coaching methods of top sports. Idea-Organ fits excellently for example to:

The event and it’s goals are prepared together with the client company to exactly match the situation and the goal of the client company. The facilitator of the event is Dr. Tapani Savolainen, possibly in co-operation with together selected client company internal or external experts.

Curriculum Vitae

The ideation process

The participants are divided in teams of two people. Each team produces ideas with the help of the Computer Aided Creativity software towards reaching the goal. Then each team evaluates and refines the ideas of one peer team each. All ideas become evaluated and refined by a peer team. All ideas with evaluations are printed out and distributed to all participants for Idea Shopping. Each participant can select and combine favourites for the next morning.

Next morning the pairs are formed in a new order. Each pair compares their shopping lists and refines new ideas, which they present to others on a matrix. The ideas are selected by the peer teams and they are re-arranged on the matrix. The result is typically 20-30 feasible ideas, out of which typically 3-5 are selected for immediate implementation. For these the actions, responsible persons and schedules are agreed and decided. Also all original 100-300 ideas with evaluations remain documented in electronic format for further use.

Example program

First day 8-18
Coffee/ Breakfast
Why we are here? Opening by the representative of the client
Relaxation exercise
Computer Aided Creativity, background and explanation
Example ideation together
Ideation of the teams
Evaluation and refinement of peer ideas
Idea Shopping

Second day 8-16
Opening of the second day and reflections from the first day
IdeaMatrix teamwork – comparing shopping lists and forming new ideas
Selection and arranging
Decision making and agreeing the continued actions, facilitated by the representative of the Client

A presentation about innovation to your event

Do you need for your event a fact based but amusing and enthusing presentation? Dr. Tapani Savolainen has been a well received speaker in huge amount of events both in Finland and internationally. The presentation language can be English or Finnish, depending on the situation also German. Examples of titles of presentations held:

Innovation Management System project for your company

In every day development work “Innovation Management System” sounds very futuristic and remote, but so sounded the now standard accounting, production planning, product design and customer relationship management systems before. It is astonishing how well managed the euros, the product and production structures and the customers are in the computer systems, but how badly managed the most important asset for the future of the company: the ideas of the customers, partners, own employees and competitors are. Not even to speak about the systematic innovation process. In the future Innovation Management Systems will be as standard as financial management system now. A practically working Innovation Management System is a big strategic development leap, but also a challenging change of way of operation. CAC-Research makes company specific pre-studies for decision making about Innovation Management Systems and also acts as a consultant in the implementation project, if needed.

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