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CAC-Research LTD.

CAC-Research Ltd. is focused on the research, product development and application of Computer Aided Creativity. It was first founded as a person company in 1989 and then changed to a Limited Liability Company (Oy in Finnish) in 1992. In 1993 the brainstorming software IDEGEN++, developed by the company was receiving the ”Golden Softies, Software for Europe Innovation Award” at the largest computer fair in the World, CeBIT, Hannover, out of over 500 finalists from over 20 countries. In 1994 the software was awarded with the prestigious yearly “Finnish Engineering Award”. The Computer Aided Creativity methods developed by CAC-Research have been applied in thousands of successful ideation projects both in Finland and internationally.

The most recent innovations of CAC-Research about innovation are based on combining Computer Aided Creativity with the most modern mental training methods used in top sports. The key 6-24 people to achieve a selected goal are invited to a 1,5 days ideation session, in which they produce 100-200 preliminary ideas, 10-20 feasible ideas and 3-5 decisions with deadlines and named responsible persons. An important side result of the session is a common insight and will to achieve the goal.

do you need new ideas from your team to achieve your goal?

In practical strategic management, management team work, product development, marketing, sales, production, customer service and support functions there pop up situations, where new ideas are needed to achieve a goal. It is best, if the team, who is responsible for achieving the goal, themselves produce the ideas and implements them. At the same time the everyday work is enriched with personal experience about the methods of creative problem solving and mental coaching of top sports.



CAC-Research enhances the innovation activity of it’s clients by ideation and training sessions, and consulting regarding developing their Innovation Management Systems.

CAC-Research is a nationally and internationally influential actor in innovation area. The results of the action of CAC-Research can be seen as remarkable innovations in companies, organizations and the society.

The increasing speed of change leads inevitably to the fact that the success of companies and organizations is determined by their innovative ability to see, invent and implement fast. This will increase the need of systematic methods and approaches for producing new working solutions.

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