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Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Tapani Savolainen

born -54, married


Doctor of Technology -90, Helsinki University of Technology (HUT), Doctor's thesis: "Software Integration Technologies in Industrial Applications"

Licentiate of Technology, -87 HUT, Licentiate's thesis: "Software Technologies in Computer Integrated Manufacturing", main subject of studies: Computer Science, second subject of studies: Digital Techniques.

MSc (Eng.) -78, HUT, Department of Technical Physics Master's thesis "The Software Structure of Real Time Process Control Systems"

Professional Experience

Present affiliations

Partner, Vice President Research, CAC-Research Oy 89-

Executive Vice President, FeedbackDialog Oy 04-

Docent of Business Process Modelling, Helsinki University of Technology 93-

Advisory Board Member, Real Time Systems Oy, 04-

Previous affiliations

Partner, Vice President Partnerships, ZenPark Oy 00-07

Partner, Co-founder, first CEO, Orchidea Innovations Oy 03

Vice President Global Concepts and Partnerships,
Digital Open Network Environment Oyj Done 00

Vice President Linux, Digital Open Network Environment Oyj Done 00

President of Idegen GmbH, consultant for CCSO Centre CIM de Suisse Occidentale, Switzerland 97-00

President of CAC-Research, Inc., USA 96-00

Project Manager at Helsinki University of Technology, Industrial Management 92-94

Managing CIM-Consultant, Consultant and Applications Engineer at Hewlett-Packard Oy 81-92

Design Engineer and Programmer, Nokia Electronics, Industrial Automation 75-81

Teacher at Helsinki University of Technology , Industrial Management, Control Engineering, Mathematics 79-95

Assistant of Laser Technology and Optics at Helsinki University of Technology 76

Research assistant at Round Oak Steel Works Ltd., Great Britain, 74

Research assistant at Forestry Research Institute, forest growth field research, 73

Conclusions from the CV

...experience in working in and leading international collaborative teams

...extensive experience in the whole life cycle of technology based-products and services: R&D, marketing, applications for the clients – understands what is the basis of the value created in companies

...extensive experience in development of services and products:

...used to global thinking

…experience on international writing, publishing and analysing written reports of results

...extensive experience on making presentations and leading groups

...experience on working effectively with senior management teams:

…experience about PR:

…experience about strategic consulting

…experience about marketing and sales

...experience about company economics

… experience about company legal matters:

…experience about analysing technology- and service companies

…experience about synthesizing of “big pictures”

...experience about working hard towards major achievements

CAC-Research Oy
PL 10
02361 Espoo